Our Leadership

We know that the holy spirit of YHWH leads each of us.  There is a divine alliance within the leadership of YHWH ordained organizations.  It is built upon the years of honor and respect earned by leaders of older, highly respected YHWH faith based organizations, the passion and enthusiasm of new, highly aggressive YHWH branded organizations and the standards established by the two great commandments and our great commission. 

Here we have listed some leaders of YHWH faith based organizations.  They are the leadership of the people and obedient servants of YHWH who are driven by divine joy, grace and truth.  They strive for the highest standards of commitment and service to the use and dissemination of the sacred name YHWH and to the highest standards of service to the people of YHWH worldwide.   They love YHWH and his people.  We are honored to list them on this page as great servants of YHWH and of YHWH's people.  We ask YHWH to left them up for His people and to glorify His Name.  To them we say thanks and HalleluYah!  Matthew 22:37-40.  John 1:17.

Assembly Of YHWH Elohim Organizations


(Leadership - Individual Organizations)

Elder Hector Castillo - Shalom Assembly Of Yahweh. (USA)

Dorrelle Lomax Burnett - YHWH Temple. (USA)